FCQ uses fantasy football data to guide sports cards investments. We also help sell cards and celebrate the collection aspect of The Hobby.

Welcome to a world of football card collecting and investing using expert fantasy analysis and player research. I share the success and teachable moments that help add true financial value to players who win league championships.

Growing up in the 90's, my friends and I loved collecting and trading sports cards, especially football. My focus shifted as I got older, but my love for the NFL never waned. After college, I realized I had a knack for detailed analysis.

I fell in love with fantasy football in 2010, profiting in several ways. Every year, I spend countless hours analyzing and researching both fantasy and sports card markets. I host a live stream Tues. at 2:30PM EST & Thursdays at 9 PM ET to answer questions and discuss the latest NFL sports card trends.

Thanks for watching and welcome to The Quest!